Why should the government help people struggling to make a living?


The role of the Government is meant to address the issues of the population. Some citizens believe that the government should do more to help the struggling community, while others believe the government should do less.

With the rise in poverty, our nation is at war with the failure to produce more job opportunities. To this day, over 40 million Americans are living in poverty. Many of which are women and children.

Here are some of the current policies that have been made to assist poor households and low income:

Public Assistant Programs

Public Assistance includes Medicare, Food Stamps, Federal unemployment insurance, and section eight. These welfare programs help families in rough times have enough to eat and make ends meet.

Progressive Income Tax

In 2001, the U.S. federal tax rates increased to 39%. U.S. citizens would receive the same services, except for those on public assistance programs. This means those citizens with higher pay must also pay higher tax rates.

Economic Development Programs

Federal programs such as the Small Business Administration small businesses apply for contracts. The efforts often help the finance minority and train unskilled workers.
With those programs provides, the U.S. government provides support for citizens that most countries. So, how else could the government help the poor?

Provide Living Wages and Labor Policies

To get out of poverty, America needs more jobs. There are countless families who work long hours but still cannot afford to buy groceries or pay rent. The government should provide high-quality, affordable child care – a haven for children is hard to find in many communities. Not having child care only makes it more difficult for parents to work and go back to school.

Invest in a Safety Net to promote economic mobility

While companies should raise their wages, the government should not cut assistance programs. Half of the people applying for SNAP are meant for their kids. The SNAP allotment should be increased as many still go hungry by the end of the month. On the other hand, WIC has helped many women and children get the source of nutrition they need, preventing risks in low birth weight.

Bottom Line:
The Government should provide than food snaps and Medicare to the low-income families. Helping those get back and work would positively benefit the physical and mental health of families in need.

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