The Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET) exists to spread news and awareness about current events and development issues for Latin Americans. We are an independent group working to focus on the events related to human rights, development, and the struggles of poverty in Latin America.

LASNET is a member-based network that is made up of Latin American individuals who share a passion for cultural equality in Latin America and the United States. We encourage the political systems of Latin America to form new leads of democracy

LASNET respects the freedom of rights as we campaign for groups and individuals who experience exploitation and oppression. We are a nonviolent grassroots movement that stands for the solidarity with the people of Latin America.

LASNET welcomes those who wish to join us and work in solidarity against the rising oppression in Latin America. We are firmly committed to stand as one and fight against the struggles of social justice.
LASNET aims to gain a strong support of individuals and raise awareness of the resistances of Latin American organizations. We continually work to support campaigns through local and national activism.

Our Mission in Solidarity is Strong with the People of Latin America.