3 Ways To Adapt To The American Culture Faster


As more immigrants continue to migrate into American, the gap between today’s foreign populations is much wider than the previous waves of immigrants. Studies show that the younger the child is during the migration, the easier it is for them to resettle and adapt. But how can older children and young adults adjust to their new home and culture?

Here are three ways to adapt to the American culture faster:

Experience the Food and Culture


No matter where you go, food is always the main component of a country’s identity. Most foreigners usually relate American food to “burgers and friends –which is about 99.8% of the time. But I can assure you; there’s more to American food choices than just that. Because of the diversity in ethnicity in America, the American cuisine embraces that. I can also assure you that depending when you live there will always be a place for rich ethnic food. If you’re in the south, try soul food. If you’re on the west coast, there are many different flavors to choose from on the daily. From Spanish food to Chinese, let yourself experience the wonders of the culture.

Make Small Talk


Depending on the area, Americans are pretty friendly and love to have conversations with strangers and passersby. Don’t be offended when they can’t figure out what ethnicity you are; you probably won’t be able to guess theirs either.

Share Your Culture & Get to Know Theirs


Chances are you may find friends from your home country. But if you’re the only one in a group of American friends, take this time to get to know their culture as you share yours. There might be new hobbies you might be able to pick up that you’ve never discovered before.

Furthermore, try not to compare the differences between the cultures. You will only make your transition harder than it may already be. Think of it as if you were to compare apples and oranges. No matter how much you try to relate, they will never line up. The best thing to do is embrace it.

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