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Latin America Solidarity Network (LASNET)
In Australia, LASNET aims to raise awareness of the struggles and resistances of Latin American grass-root organisations, "from the bottom up and to the left", and works to support these initiatives through local and national activism. We also aim to use the Latin American example as a way of providing hope to those of us struggling in Australia against greed and increasing authoritarianism. Building solidarity with peoples in Struggle in Latin America, Australia & Asia Pacific. We believe in a society without patriarchy, authoritarianism and violence...and without neo-liberal capitalism.
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Letters Campaign for the safe return of Colombian Trade unionist

Dear All,

Quick letters campaign for the safe return home of Colombian trade unionist Edwin Mejia.
Please find enclosed two files in the links below.

Letter to Colombia
Addresses to Colombia

Latin American Solidarity Conference Resolutions & Commitments 2012-2013

During the Latin American Grassroots Movements Solidarity Conference held in Melbourne, Australia, during 9-11 of November 2012, the meaning of the existing economic and social development model in Latin America was discussed and debated. It was concluded that neoliberal capitalism is NOT the way forward and that alternative models to neoliberal development should be generated as are already proposed in Latin America by poor and indigenous grassroots organisations. These organisations emphasise that development should be generated from the bottom-up. The best example of this is seen by today’s progressive governments in the region together with the courageous example of various social movements such as the MST (Brazil landless Workers Movement), the indigenous peoples in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, others and the marginalised popular sectors that with their struggle are showing an alternative to neoliberalism’s unjust model.

Latin American Grassroots Movements Solidarity Conference, 9-11 November, Melbourne Australia

Neoliberal capitalism is not the way...Is another development possible?

"Songs of Struggles and Liberation" - Concert, September 8

Honduras: Defending Peoples Rights Throughout Latin America!

Protest Letter to Chilean Government

Australia, April 30, 2012.

Mr. Sebastian Piñera
President of the Republic of Chile

The organisations and individuals that subscribe to this letter, in coordination, in support and on behalf of CONFECH, ACES and CONES that are supporting the Chilean students’ demands, express to the Chilean government the following:

1) Our total support to the demands presented during the 2011 mobilisation for a free, democratic, multicultural education in the service of the Chilean people.

Workshop: Building Social Movements from Below

Recaredo Galvez, from CONFECH- Chile,

Recaredo so far in Melbourne-Australia

Next event with CONFECH representative, Wednesday April 11, details below

Sydney Events

Welcoming to Sydney, Sunday April 15, 12:30pm, Casa Latinoamericana, Addison Road, Marrickville

Monday April 16, 12:30pm, New Law School Annexe, Seminar Room 444, Sydney University


More info call 0415 726 951 or write to lasnet@latinlasnet.org

Latin American Solidarity Conference Resolutions & Commitments 2012-2013

Latin American Grassroots Movements Solidarity Conference
Resolutions to continue moving forward & Commitments 2012-2013

Public Forum with CONFECH spokes person (Vocero) in Australia

Melbourne - Wednesday April 11, 6:30pm to start at 7pm,
LHMU hall, 117-131 Capel St. North Melbourne
More info call 0425 539 149 or write to lasnet@latinlasnet.org

Sydney Events Click here

Recaredo Galvez from the Chilean National Students Confederation (CONFECH) and President of the Student Federation of Concepcion (FEC) - Chile.

LASNET meeting and info night on the TPPA & Latin America

Tuesday March 6, 7pm
‘Abolishing the present state of things’
Where: LASNET Space Trades Hall; Cnr of Lygon and Victoria Streets
When: Tuesday March 6, 7pm

Direct link by Skype with Chile and Peru

Join us for our fortnightly meeting followed by a presentation and discussion on the implications of the TPPA on Australia and Latin America. What is the TPPA and what are the Latin American Social Movements saying about it?

Solidarity Action in Support of Chilean Students

Saturday March 17, Midday
For Free & Quality Education in Chile Now!!

M17 - Melbourne - Federation Square, 12 Midday

After a year of mass mobilisations and university and school occupations across Chile by students fighting for free and quality education, the students have decided to start 2012 in style, setting March 15 as the first National Day of Action of the year. Thus we have called this action as a show of solidarity with their struggle and their day of action.

(Chile) Statement of the Convergence Against the Government’s Student Educational Reforms

Translated from Convergencia Estudiantil (10 December 2010)

Since the military coup of 1973 the various governments in the service of the rich and powerful have been promoting a thorough process of privatisation and elitist reorientation of education. This history has been marked by several milestones, which we shall specify:


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